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Studio Ouarz

Versatile web based content management designed to make living with your web site a much easier and professional experience...

Whether you are a large business or a keen hobbyist, Studio Ouarz provides an easy to use set of tools that enable you to develop and administer the ultimate web site, wherever you are.

Just log on and take control...

Quick & dirty overview

Web  Elegant & Sophisticated

Nowhere else can you create such an impressive-looking website so quickly and easily, yet without the expense. Your website can include pictures, textual content, flash animation, and more. Equally, if you already have a website that you are not happy with, we can adapt it to take full advantage of our system.

 24/7 Freedom

Update your site 24 hours a day at no additional cost, so that it's always current. Studio Ouarz is a DIY system, and as such uses a staightforward management system so you can easily develop your site, add or remove content and generally administer and maintain it. In short, we give you the power to be your own webmaster.

Modular Architecture  Personal Address

You will have an unique site address (e.g.
Additionally to make it more personal, you could have your very OWN domain name (e.g. and a set of matching e-mail addresses.

Help  Online Help

The beauty of our system is that it can be used equally by those who know nothing about publishing on the Internet and those who are expert and everyone in between. If you are experienced, then the sky's the limit!

Hosting  Secure Hosting

Safe and reliable hosting is included in the package. Flexible, expandable and secure, if your site becomes the next 'big thing', we can upgrade your site to whatever size is needed to accomodate this change.

Online Stats  Online Statistics

A complete 'monitoring' system is also included so you can see how many visitors you have and how they behave. Its reports include website statistics by day, week-day, referer, hour, browser, OS, and hostname, all shown within easy to understand bar charts.

 Virtual Postcard

As a special introductionary offer we have included one of our most popular modules. Your visitor can turn each image on your site into an amazing eCard that they can send to friends and family. This is a fantastic way of bringing even more people to your site.

Modular Architecture  Point & Click

Ouarz Studio's easy-to-use interface will guide you through the process from concept to finished product in a matter of just minutes! All you need is an Internet connection plus your personal password. Change fonts, sizes, colours by simple mouse click. You can publish written text, links, photos, documents, and much more in no time at all.

 Image Bank

The Image Bank is where your collection of images is stored so in a flash you can add them into any of your pages. Your pictures will be resized automatically to fit your website. As a bonus, hundreds of ready-made professional cliparts, images and backgrounds are also provided.

 Web Pages

From a choice of page layouts compose your page easily and professionally. Adjust font type, size, colours, paragraph formatting and insert pictures as you wish.

 Web Design

For the moment you have a choice of over 10 website appearances, each of them with 7 colour themes, with more being added all the time. And guess what, you can easily create a personalised logo header and a great animated Flash introduction so your website looks really slick.

 Easy File Uploading

Uploading and managing your images and other files is simple using the browser-based file management system. This mechanism allows you to upload a file directly from your computer's hard disk or digital camera where it will become available for use in your content.

Modular Architecture  Modular Architecture

Ouarz Studio utilises what is known as 'Modular Architecture' which means you can tailor your site to your specifications at any time. All extra features ('plugins') can easily be managed by you as part of our DIY system design. Flexible and robust, your website has been designed to be as big or small as you desire.

Search Engine Friendly

We have also included a tool that you can use to to help drive traffic to your site: you can register your site with ease with major global search engines such as Googles, Alta Vista and Lycos...


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