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Ingeniously simple browser-based application that enables any user (novice or expert) to create, edit and maintain the ultimate web site from anywhere at anytime...

Below is a list of some of the features available in Studio Ouarz. This is constantly being updated with new features and improvements. If you have any cool ideas that you would like to see implemented, let us know!

The Back-End Administration (your control panel)

.Username and password protected, so only you have access to manage your website.
.Complete control of your on-line content 24/7.
.Easy user website administration.
.No need to instal or maintain extra software, everything is done through your web browser.
.Manage your entire website or webpage from anywhere!
.A graphical user interface that is easy and efficient to use.
.No design/programming skills required.
.No technical Knowledge required.
.Real point & click technology.
.Online help system.
.Click save, and your changes are viewable INSTANTLY!
.Ongoing feature development!

Complete Image Manager (Image Bank)

.Upload your OWN images directly from your hard disk or digital device (e.g. Digital Camera).
.Point & click to insert images into your website easily!
.Create, edit, rename, order and delete image groups (albums).
.View, edit, move, organise or delete individual images.
.Enter title, date, description and keywords.
.Automatic creation of thumbnail images.
.Resizing of your pictures 'on-the-fly' to match your website.
.Add up to 6 additional views per image.
.Thumbnail editor creates cropping view of your images.
.30 image filter effects (e.g. change colour photograph to black and white).
.Easy rotation and horizontal/vertical flip of images.
.Possibility to password protect each of your albums.

Web Page Manager

.Comprehensive page listing.
.View, edit, order or remove pages.
.Button to enable or disable page display.
.Hits indicator for each page.
.Various predefined page layouts that are easily customizable.
.Insert images by simple point & click process.
.Web compliant typographic style selector.
.Choose page width, image border and page aligment.
.Optional copyright/last revision wording with date selector.
.Change page colours (text, background, links and borders).
.Supports CUT & PASTE from any application.
.Possibility to password protect pages.
.Advanced users can edit HTML code directly (manual mode).

Header Logo Creator & Web Site Template

.Preview and edit your Header Logo easily.
.Enter your own logo text and personalise its typeface, size, angle and colour.
.Choice of alignment (corresponding with website template).
.Many different typographic styles in 5 categories.
.Visual selection of typeface.
.Over 15 designs (100 plus templates - more to follow).
.Thumbnail of web template displayed 'in realtime' .
.Visual indicator of colour scheme.
.Web compliant typographic style selector.
.Visual point & click colour seletors for various sections of the site.
.Easy picture insertion to create background image (corresponding with website template).
.Various further options depending on template (e.g. landscape mode, image shadow, ...).

Flash Creator

.Preview and easy editing of your Flash introduction.
.Enter your own text and choose size.
.5 different text effects in foreground (more to come).
.14 stunning animated effects in background (more to come).
.Choose colours for objects and background.
.Upload your OWN Flash animation (advanced users only).

Web site settings

.Fields for site name and subtitles.
.Fields for meta description and meta keywords for search engines.
.Time zone setup (synchonise your web site and control panel with your local time).
.Option to password protect your whole website.
.Notification by e-mail of unsuccesful access to any private zone.
.Fields for all your contact details (for your online contact form).

Complete 'monitoring' system (Online Statistics)

.Real time number of vistors.
.Same day, previous day and overall number of hits at a glance.
.Page impressions and unique host/IP hits.
.Handy calendar with quick notes feature.
.Easy last 7 days bar chart display.
.Hourly activity statistics.
.Display of traffic activity per month.
.Your most popular page and top referers based on same day, current month or total hits.
.Toplevel domains hits
.Country-specific hits.
.Unique and last 50 hosts (with various information).

Web File Manager (optional FTP module)

.Create, rename and delete directories.
.Browse through recursive directories.
.Create NEW files based on pre-defined templates.
.View, rename or delete files.
.Online editing of ASCII and text files e.g. HTML, WML, TXT, XML, etc...
.Smart recognition of end of line for ASCII files (Mac, Unix or DOS).
.View image files (with zoom option).
.Direct preview of certain file types e.g. Flash, MPEG, PDF, BMP, etc...
.Upload your OWN files and place in the directory of your choice.
.Easy dowloading of files to your hard disk.
.Change files and folder permissions (advanced users only).
.TODO: Finish Public Folder system!
.TODO: sort ascending/descending order by name, size, permissions and last modification date.
.TODO: Display source code with syntax coloring.
.TODO: Option to move/copy file(s) from folders to folder.

The End-User Interface (your website)

.Start today in a matter of minutes!
.Many professional templates to choose from (off-the-shelf).
.Unlimited pages & images.
.No need for expensive design work.
.Your web site will be extremely easy to use!
.Add your very own animated Flash intro.
.Show your site statistics.
.Personalised Contact form.
.Dedicated navigation menu (depending on template).
.Upgrade to a customised web design at any time.

Addtional Services (customised for your needs)

.Your own domain name and matching e-mail address
.Bespoke web design.
.Possibility to adapt your existing site!
.Custom Scripting and Programming.
.Scanning and uploading service.
.Free e-mail consultation.

Virtual Greeting Card (FREE eCard Module)

.Easy and fun for your visitors to use!
.WYSIWYG editor for composing eCards.
.Fits nicely with your web site's look and feel.
.Sender can be notified when recipient picks up eCard (optional).
.User selects images from your site to send as eCards.
.Cards open within your website.
.Choice of over 40 musical accompaniments (optional).
.Well over 200 emoticons with click&insert system (optional).
.Quick colour selector for background and text (optional).
.Font selector (optional).
.Fully customisable (text of e-mails and various options).

GuestBook and Testimonials (Additional Module)

.Easy and fun for your visitors to use!
.Integrated with your web site's look and feel.
.You will be notified of new additions to your guestbook (optional).
.User can select images from your site to include in the guestbook entry.
.Over 200 emoticons with click&insert system (optional).
.Fields for sender's name and message.
.Selector for sender's country location.
.Optional E-mail and URL fields.
.Optional entry for instant messenger (ICQ, AIM, Yahoo and MSN).


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